A blog about Godsex!



I’m a meditation teacher and spiritual counsellor. My professional site is over here. I created this blog because I wanted to have a place to share my own thoughts and experiences on the contemplative path without feeling constrained by issues of professionalism and approachability. It’s meant to be a place to share episodes from my own spiritual journey as well as articles and answers to questions about advanced meditation practice.

I am inspired by the great ecstatic mystics of the past: Ramakrishna, Rebbe Nachman, Saint Teresa, Hafiz, and others. My vision of enlightenment is to fully realize in my own experience that reality is nothing other than endless lovemaking among the tantric threesome of Stillness, Desire, and Dynamism.

Yet, my own path has been seriously influenced by the technical approach to meditation put forward by the Pragmatic Dharma movement. So you might find my writing to be an odd combination of super geeky meditation technicalities and very heart-centred devotional writing.

Hope you like it! I love comments, so please post!


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